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Iconic Seattle artist’s last works touch on themes of remorse

NW Asian Weekly | March 2, 2017
Akio Takamori, a renowned local ceramics artist, completed his final body of work just a day before dying from pancreatic cancer. His last work, entitled “Apology/Remorse,” weaves complex concepts together, such as the differences between Eastern and Western culture, the conflict of gender in politics, and the way cultures display remorse.

Beacon Hill dance studio foster safe space for diversity

South Seattle Emerald | January 30, 2017
Behind an inconspicuous white door on the top floor of El Centro de la Raza in Beacon Hill resides Culture Shakti. Katrina Ji, the owner of Culture Shakti and Artistic Director of Rajasthani Gypsy Caravan, started the studio with the goal of making dance accessible to all types of people. Video component.

Ivonne Jurado's First Day

First Days Project | December 7, 2016
I conducted and filmed an interview with Ivonne Jurado as part of the First Days Project about her and her family's first days arriving in the United States.

Why are Seattle Public Schools still so segregated?

Seattle Globalist | December 12, 2016
When Nicole Harris’ son started fourth grade at Thurgood Marshall Elementary in the Central District of Seattle, there were only minority children in his class. That’s in spite of the school being over 44% percent white. Currently, Seattle has the fifth largest achievement gap between white and Black students in America. So, why are Seattle Public school still segregated?

October brings hidden history of Filipino Americans to the forefront

Seattle Globalist | October 20, 2016
Despite more than 3 million Filipinos living in the United States, Filipinos and Filipino Americans are often the invisible minority in America. October is Filipino American History Month, which is a chance to celebrate Filipino American contributions to the United States.

PictureCorrect Archive of Articles

PictureCorrect | May 2014 to October 2016
A collection of the 20+ articles I wrote for PictureCorrect on various topics related to photography. These articles include how-tos and guides as well as features on various works or photographers.

Akio Takamori

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