Increase Interaction and Engagement through Art at the Link Light Rail Station

DrawLink is a concept for an application and visual display to be implemented into the Link light rail stations in Seattle. The application will allow users to create artwork that will be displayed on screens in the light rail stations as part of a larger collective piece of artwork while rewarding frequent users and keeping a record of their previous submissions. Our goal is to integrate visual displays into Link light rail stations that will help people transform their visual space by allowing them to participate in artistic creation to overcome the lack of connection they feel towards the stations.

As a leading member of the DrawLink team, I participated in taking our idea through the design process—from research to storyboards to final prototypes. To start, we each conducted observatory research as well as individual interviews at the Link light rail stations and combined our results to make some overall conjectures, which were used to form our persona Dave as well as create scenarios and storyboards.

Considering our goal of integrating visual displays into Link light rail stations and helping people transform their visual space, I created three storyboards to look at possible ways to implement this idea. From there, we created a sitemap to help us structure our paper prototypes. After creating our first interactive prototype, we ran user tests in order to adjust our prototype from user feedback.

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