A platform to combine reusability and design

Craftr was the winning idea of an hour-long pitch competition. I was the leader of a group of five who pitched the original idea of reusing clothing to combat the wasteful impact of fast fashion. With over 26 billion pounds of textiles and clothes ending up in landfills in the U.S. each year, we created the platform Craftr to connect people with excess clothing to designers, allowing clothing to be redesigned and reused rather than just thrown away. I personally shared the responsibility of creating the high-fidelity prototypes using Sketch as well as presenting the pitch.


Below is a storyboard of Craftr, which helps describe the process and flow of the platform. Because of the limited time we had to complete our pitch, we decided to only present a storyboard as well as mockups to explain our idea.

The way Craftr works is that a person chooses a designer from the site to remake clothing that they donate. They receive points when they donate, regardless if they want their clothes back after they are redesigned or not. Once the designer redesigns the clothes, the person who donated the clothes gets the first pick if they want to buy the clothes back (at a discounted price). If they don't buy items back, those items go up for sale in the designer's store for full price.

High-Fidelity Mockups

Below are the quick mockups of the Craftr platform. I thought it was important to make Craftr look similar to a fast fashion store, to promote buying redesigned clothing in the same way as new clothing. It's possible to search by clothing type or by designer. The designer page lists the clothing the designer currently has for sale as well as their reviews by past clients. A designer can be contacted directly for new projects. I specifically focused on creating the second mockup of the designer page.

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